This island belongs to the Lesser Antilles French eastern Caribbean, one of the Windward Islands and Windward. It is mountainous and volcanic origin. Martinique was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1502, but not the Spaniards colonized.

In the first half of the seventeenth century the French company americas islands were installed there, then was occupied by Britain, and in 1674 the French government bought the island.

Like all Caribbean islands, are ideal for tourists, whether they find the white sandy beaches of the south, the black sand beaches of the north, the creeks to make diving, swimming, fishing, visiting reefs, known springs of hot springs, go mountain terrain, observe gorges, going into places jungle, appreciate the beautiful flowers such as lilacs, orchids, or tasting tropical fruits such as coconuts, pineapples and papayas.

Martinique Capital: Fort-de-France (100,080 inhabitants)

Major Towns: Le Lamentin (30,028 inhabitants) and Sainte Marie (19,682 inhabitants).

Population: Inhabitants 382,000

Surface: 1,102 km2

Currency: French franc; 1 U.S. dollar = 7.70 ff

Official language: French Government: Region and department of France

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