Land of pioneers and settlers. If you want peace and tranquility, here will have more than anywhere in the World. Its flat landscape, large, swept by wind, with sheep distributed everywhere, and the peaks of the Andes as a backdrop.

A unique landscape. In Patagonia was sighted the whales, sea lions mate and have their colony of penguins. In Patagonia is fly fishing in large lakes, the largest in the world. There also dinosaurs lived, and found rock paintings and petrified forests. In the Patagonia enjoys skiing and alpine villages with aspect, there also are located Glaciers and there is also the end of the world.

Paradise of whales:

Neither reaches well whale watching in Valdes Peninsula, thousands of tourists arriving on these shores and the city of Puerto Madryn. It is a unique and unforgettable.

one of the few places in the world where they can be "playing" with eyes, so close that are appreciated. For those who want to be moved. But in addition to whales, you can spot, sea lions, penguins, birds and a lifetime only natural that you'll enjoy.

Route 40:

The mitica route 40 runs from the southern Puna up our lakes and glaciers. Its layout copy old roads Indians, and runs a lot of National Parks. The Los Alerces National Park, glaciers and the Nahuel Huapi, are among them.

A safety pin for the adventurous, with sections of asphalt and gravel, crosses mountains and peaks as diverse as valleys and lakes where settle cities in the South.

The Welsh in Patagonia:

The origin Welsh in Patagonia, you probably have to do with the intention to establish colonies elsewhere in the world, rather remote, so the lack of contact with other cultures conducive to the preservation of one's own.

That is why one of the Patagonia was chosen because of its isolation and the Argentine government's offer to donate 25 acres of land per family on the banks of the Chubut River in exchange for colonizing the region remained unchanged.

For what many immigrants was a disadvantage for this Welsh settlement attractive. Life was hard, was unknown what was the potential of the land and there was a plan of the Argentine government beyond a series of subsidies.

Today, these communities deeply rooted in their ancestral culture and intensely respectful and integrated into our country, are a monument to the courage, perseverance and dreams fulfilled. One example is the city of Gayman.

Gayman is arrested as a people over time, with Welsh chapels of the pioneers, and buildings to enjoy a tea and Welsh cakes. Its streets still retain the water ditches that the trees swept by the Patagonian wind. Ideal for enjoying hours of tea and cakes.

World's End:

The city of Ushuaia is the southernmost in the world, located on the shores of the Beagle Channel and surrounded by mountains Martial. It is capital of the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands.

And its central location allows enjoy mountains, seas and forests. There you will find the lighthouse at the End of the World, in the Island States, the Prison End of the World, as treckking practice activities, horseback riding, fishing, skiing and skating in the Bay depending on whether summer or winter.

There, too berth cruise ships heading to Antarctica, the Falkland Islands (Arg.) and Chile. thank those who have sent us these photos

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